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FIU                                            S C H O O L    O F    A R C H I T E C T U R E

ARC 4324    D E S I G N   5                                                                            FALL 2001



Course Schedule

Week 5-8



Week 5                                Tuesday                                9/25                                Diagrams

                           3D Renderings

                           Web pages presentation


                                Thursday                                9/27                                Exam      

                                                                                                                                3D Diagrams and program

                                                                                                                                Program and site study


Week 6                                Tuesday                                10/2                                Desk Crit             

                                                                                                                                3D Renderings

                                                                                                                                System Model,                                                                                                      

                                Thursday                                10/4                                Desk Crit

                           Plans, sections

                           3d renderings

                                                                                                                                System Model (structure)


Week 7                                Tuesday                                10/9                                                        3D Model & Floor Plans

                                Thursday                                10/11                                Pre-MidExam                                Floor Plans


Week 8                                Tuesday                                10/16                                MIDTERM REVIEW - REAL


                                Thursday                                10/18                                MIDTERM REVIEW - ONLINE


                                Friday                                10/19                                LAST DAY TO DROP



Note: The instructor reserves the right to implement changes of this schedule as required.  Assignment and Project information and deadlines will be provided as term progresses.






Catalog Description

ARC 4342 Architectural Design 7  (4 credits)

A flexible framework for appropriate investigations of complex spatial, programmatic, contextual, constructional and ethical issues involved in design projects.  Course content varies with instructor. 

Prerequisite:   ARC 4335.  (F)



The criteria for evaluation in design 7 are based on the ability of the student to produce their own design process.  In this particular studio we look at ways the student can experiment with multimedia and communication technology and how the use of this medium can alter an influence a more mature design process in the student.  By midterm the student should have a good understanding of their design project and be able to express accordingly with the medium promoted in the studio.


You will be evaluated for:

  1. Overall Design Concept and Thinking process
  2. Completeness of the project and potential for development
  3. Graphic skills
  4. Program and Site analysis
  5. The proposal for relating the virtual and the real in your project



The student work and presentation should have “mini-thesis” of their project with regards to the following:


  1. The relationship of the program with the communication events inside the building
  2. The relationship of the program with regards to the temporary nature of the structure
  3. The relationship of the program with regards to the site
  4. A clear working program inside their buildings.
  5. A clear formal design criteria


Architectural Thinking is not only oral or written but also (and essentially) visual.  Students projects by midterm should offer the level of an intense visual investigation of which is what they are pursuing and proposing.


Students are required by midterm to have the following:


1.  Scale Drawings: Plans, Sections and Elevations (at the schematic design level) and 3D Rendering printed in one or two boards of 30” x 20” (min).


2.  A jpg presentation of (at least) 30 images of the design process, scale drawings. And midterm computer models of the proyect.  We will use Compupic or ACDC software for presentation.  Please let me know if you have not used before.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that you present the site in your project, with the best level of detail as possible…flying trough images are important to give a sense of location of the building but beyond that eye level images with people and site conditions are very important to understand you project.


3.  A completed web site for digital review (20 % of the grade will be given by reviewers online).


4.  Animations, scketches, and other multimedia presentations.


Presentation Format:


Real Midterm Tuesday Oct. 16

10 minute multimedia presentation.  Live your oral comments to a minimum and make sure they are well prepared.  Remember in design 7 you should demonstrate you have clear and independent design reasoning in this experimental studio


Online Midterm Thursday Oct. 18

5 minute presentation online to the online jury.  Please streamline your web site so the jurors can see it.