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“Architecture (20 century architecture) still articulates its concepts, design decisions and processes almost exclusively by means of a posteriori rationalizations….There is only after-theory…wrongly, theory and technique, just as theory and material imagination are disconnected from each other”
“How can we approach materiality in a new way? The current generation of architects is already free.  We have already forgotten history, shaken the metaphors belonging to wood, bricks and steel.  We have already seen emptiness.  Now it is time to redefine materiality.  Let’s rethink materials in relation to organizational structures.” MOVE, UN Studio, p. 155-157.

NOX drawings vs. machines.

DUE: Tuesday September 11

During the next 2 weeks we will develop a series of exercises that will help determinate the schematic design of your project for mid-term exam.  The objective of this week assignment is to introduce the student to the program of the site and studio program.  

Site and studio programs will be confronted in the first part of this semester in a more abstract format that in a physical-material design format.  The purpose is to suspend the traditional formal design potential of architecture for developing a better understanding of the nature of the program of the building: connecting cultures digitally.
We will initially search for the action form, the promenade and events, that guide the user inside these connected building,

You will be asked to conduct what we will call “Programmatic Massing and Organizational Diagrams.”:
A. Organizational Diagrams (* the most important part of the assignment)
Analyze programming, and media connectivity events with Circulation studies.  We suggest you develop geometric wireframes and animations (wireframe animations) to express your ideas about circulation flux and digital interconnectivity through your building.


B. Programmatic Massing
In this part of the assignment you will develop images that show different diagrams of programmatic layouts of your project.  Use FLORIDA BUILDING CODES to define your program layouts and adjacencies.  Show several diagrams of your progress in your programming  studies.  Develop a program-box file and organized to describe in general term possible arrangements of the program.

C.  Programmatic Site.
Use the site file for your diagrams.  Develop you programming machine with continuous observation of the site.