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Question One
Is the current 1 story arts center on the same block,
part of the site? (Eliza Zelachowski/UM)

Answer One

Question Two
Can the building be torn down?  (Eliza Zelachowski/UM)

Answer Two


Question Three
Should the conference room and performing auditorium
share the stage area? (Alfredo Andia/FIU)

Answer Three
That decision is to be made by the architecture
student(s)entering the competition.  However, both the
conference area and performing auditorium should
have control booths or centers for video/audio and lighting.


Question Four
In the architectural program, regarding the conference
area, there is a note that it will "have a small stage
with stairs at each end to provide the ability to
process people on and off the stage".  It is our
belief that due to the ADA the stairs are no longer
allowed, that ramps have to be used.  Can you please
clarify this point? (Eliza Zelachowski/FIU)
Answer Four
The stage in the conference area should be designed in
accordance with the architectural program.  If in
researching the ADA, students determine definitively
that a ramp is required, that should be incorporated
also. All aspects of the building design should meet
code and handicapped requirements.


Question Five
Who was the city of Oldsmar planned by? (Eliza
Answer Five
Ransom E. Olds, who purchased 37,000 acres in Pinellas
and Hillsbourgh Counties around 1917. There is
considerable information available regarding Mr. Olds
and the history of Oldsmar in the public domain and
the Oldsmar Library. Today the planning is a function
of The Department of Community Development.
Please note:  If you have specific questions regarding
codes or zoning, please DO NOT contact this department
directly.  We have arranged for your questions to be
handled by a special liaison between the Foundation
and the city.


Question Six
What has the city set as their height limit for this
facility? (Knight Martorell/USF)

Answer Six
The standard height restriction is 35 feet, subject to
variance, which the city has indicated would be granted.


Question Seven
What are the projected plans for School street (not
built), along the east side of the site?  Shall the
students design within the the marked 50' RW with the
understanding that it may someday be developed or are
those plans no longer effective, in which case only
the 10'property setback applies? (Knight

Answer Seven
Students may design to within 25 feet of the
centerpoint of the right of way.  It is expected that
School street will be vacated.


Question Eight
Concerning the presentation requirements, the program
states "Submissions will be presented on 24" X 36"
foam core boards oriented vertically"  My Students
wish to know if this means the indiviual boards are
oriented vertically and the overall assemblage of the
total six can be arranged in any configuration, or if
the total composition including all six boards is also
to be oriented vertically? (Knight Martorell/ USF)

Answer Eight
The presentation should be such that all boards are
oriented vertically and placed side by side.