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Florida International University



ARC 4324 DESIGN 5 | FALL 2001



Pre-Midterm Requirements


Due: Thursday, October 4, 2001


Schematic Design (10 %)

Schematic Site plan Scale: 1/16=1-0

Plans, sections 3D Renderings

model (site & buildings) Scale: 1/16=1-0


For the Pre-Midterm the student has to further develop the schematic design of the project. It will be expected to have dealt with and understand the following architectural principles:


          Site Forces

          Spatial Organization

          Programmatic Organization

          Circulation/ Movement



          Formal/ Spatial Order (Geometry)



The student is also expected to have a clear presentation that communicates the design process and the schematic design of the project.



          Freehand Sketches

          2-D Drawings (Plans, Section, Elevations), Scale: 1/16=1-0

          3-D Renderings (Perspectives, Axonometrics)

          A construction/Model (Physical or digital), Scale: 1/16=1-0

          Verbal presentation

          Summary of 150 words